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      Public Health Information

      You should take primary responsibility for protecting yourself and others against COVID-19 by doing the following:

      • Wash your hands frequently.
      • Wear a mask .
      • Stay home and seek medical guidance when you feel sick.
      • Avoid direct, close contact with persons who are sick.
      • Adhere strictly to individual instructions from the health department or health care providers to isolate or quarantine if you or someone in your apartment test positive for COVID-19. 

      Please visit these public health sites for other precautions and information regarding the spread of the virus.

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      Utah County Dashboard

      Stats and information about COVID-19 cases from the Utah County Health Department.

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      State of Utah

      Provides details about testing locations and public health guidelines specific to Utah.

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      Centers for Disease Control

      Learn how to protect yourself from the virus and what to do if you are sick.

      The local cities of Provo and Orem also have messages for the BYU campus community:

      Provo City Mask Up

      Message from Orem Mayor Richard Brunst