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      Disease Prevention

      Members of each apartment should regularly assess their symptoms, practice proper hygiene and maintain adequate cleanliness to prevent disease transmission. Residents should bring disinfecting wipes and cleaners, face coverings, hand sanitizer and a thermometer.

      Households, Isolation, and Quarantine

      Individuals living in the same apartment or housing unit will be considered a “household.” Consistent with public health guidance, in the event an occupant of a household shows symptoms of illness or tests positive for COVID-19, that individual will be expected to isolate. Other members of the apartment will be expected to quarantine. BYU has isolation and quarantine protocols in place for BYU students living in BYU On-Campus Housing. Students who are instructed to isolate or quarantine should contact their professors to continue their coursework remotely.

      Isolation will be used for on-campus residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. More information .

      Phased Return for Housing

      On-campus: In order to provide a physically distanced and efficient move-in experience, a phased return to on-campus housing will occur over multiple days beginning August 17. This will facilitate physical distancing and help ensure no signs or symptoms of illness are present before students return to classes. Students will be assigned a specific arrival date that will be communicated through the housing message board in the afternoon on June 23.

      Off-campus: BYU encourages students to return to off-campus housing early if possible to ensure no signs or symptoms of illness are present before returning to classes. All students are strongly encouraged to download and utilize the Healthy Together App to facilitate symptom checking, contact tracing and test scheduling.